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Sony NEX-VG20 Review!

Is this beast a dslr video killer? Thumbs up! Nex-VG20 18-200mm lens nex-VG20 Body only: Rent a VG20:...

Sony NEX-VG20E Footage

This is original footage filmed in Halmstad, Sweden. The most of the recorded footage is 1080p and 50 frames per seconds. This footage will show you exempel...

Sony NEX-VG20

The Sony nex-VG20 is an HD Handycam with a large sensor and interchangeable lenses. Sony nex-VG20

Обзор Sony NEX-VG20

Обзор видеокамеры от переведен.

Sony nex vg20e test shots

So I went out for some test shooting with my new sony nex vg20eh. Zhis is the result. Enjoy!

Sony NEX-VG20 intro video

- With its array of interchangeable lenses, the Sonys nex-VG20 gives full reign to your creativity. Its advanced recording...

Car/driving test: Sony NEX-VG20e

My first test of the nex-VG20e movie rendered with Sony Vegas pro 11, using the upload to youtube function.

Trying out my sony NEX-VG20E

Skate footage on the Sony NEX-VG20E

just a tryout skaters-AB-Nasir-Saze-Batam-Nasky song by lovely bad things.

Sony nex vg20e test 2012 from Norway

Testing sony nex vg20e, first a little inside with the kid playing with his train track.. And some from Mule Varde (Porsgrunn (Norway)) - Have not had this...