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Sansui G-33000, Sansui SP-X11000, Pioneer SX-1980, Pioneer SX-1050, Sansui G-901, Sansui G-9700, Sansui SP-X9, Sansui SP-Z990, Kenwood KR-9600, Toshiba SA-7150, Sony STR-7800SD, Akai GX-747 entre outros - Parte 1

S mito parte I.

Sansui G-901DB and Yamaha NS-1000M

This is a short video about my new silver faceplate monster. Sweet sound, deep bass, good, solid and beautiful design. But, no more words... please... Just nice...

Sansui TU 317 performance test

Sansui TU-317 performance test working jointly with an AU-3900 amp and a pair of Bose 901 IV.

Sansui BA-5000 power amp twins, Vintage Hifi, Definition Se

This is a fresh recording for those who saw my old videos. This is one of my audio systems and my favorite, my Vintage Sansui Definition series setup. It primarily...

My Vintage Audio Collection....Fisher, Pioneer, Marantz, Kenwood, Nikko, Sansui, HH Scott, Magnavox

Here it is! Over 75 pieces of vintage audio gear!

Sansui g-22000 2015

Sansui G-33000 and Marantz 2600

Sansui G-33000 sacd Player:Marantz SA-15S2 Composition:Sahara Walk, Composer: Puls Record Company:Denon 100 years.

Sansui G-33000.

Sansui G-33000 com Kenwood KL-999Z(Speakers B) e KL-999DX(Speakers A).

Sansui G-7500 review- the best investment is to buy these rare items

Even when you dont have the money to buy this thing, go to the bank and take a loan, because it is the best investment you can make to buy this thing, the value...

Sansui 5000X Stereo Receiver

I won this receiver in a contest held by fellow Youtuber CenTexVideo! You could win something really cool as well... audio equipment, speakers, music, maybe...